Don’t Say No, Pitch Yourself Instead

I know that bloggers get a serious amount of emails. It can be tempting to ignore some – especially the emails without a clear call to action. Instead of clicking delete, have you tried pitching yourself back to the brand?

Here is why you should try this. When brands reach out to you, it is rarely random. Chances are they checked out your blog, or discovered you on social media. They did a little research, liked what they saw and they decided to email you. They already put some effort into contacting you.

Instead of deleting or ignoring the email, reply. Try to turn it into an opportunity. If the brand or product interests you and is a good fit for your site, reply with your media kit, and explain the service you can offer (generally a sponsored blog post and social media promotion) and your rate for the service. Sometimes a press release can turn into a paying gig, or a helpful contact for the future.

Have you tried this with success?