Friday Five

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TGIF, Windy City bloggers! It’s Devin and Emily, the sisters behind Walton & Rush, a Chicago fashion and lifestyle blog. With it finally starting to feel like summer here, it makes this weekend, that much more exciting. We couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s Friday, and of course, share our Friday Five.

  1. We stumbled upon Lindsey from Butter & Type this week. She had the best recipe for cherry coconut oatmeal bars. They looked SO delicious! Lately, our schedules have been pretty hectic, so we’d love to try this recipe for a healthy, on-the-go breakfast!
  2. We always love Blair from The Fox and She’s style. She paired a simple black dress with a chunky black and brown heel. We loved the entire look, especially how she looked so effortless.
  3. One of our Chicago favorites, Anna from A Lily Love Affair posted a great article on how to pack for your next vacation with just a simple carry-on. We both have a few trips coming up this fall, and could definitely apply some of her useful tips. It’s always hard to decide what to pack, so we will be bookmarking this article.
  4. Right now, we’re temporarily living together… literally, in a one-bedroom studio. Each night before bed, we’ve been reading. Dev cruises through books, and I normally read whatever book she finishes. I loved Rachel from An Eventful Life’s post this week. She posted a summer reading list. We’ve read two of the books she recommended and loved them both, so it was great to find a few other books to add to our list.
  5. Paige from Little Nostalgia had a great interior design post. She wrote about how to incorporate the color, marsala, into your home, even during the summer. We both are transitioning into new apartments so we’ve been sifting through magazines, pinterest and blogs to find great home-décor tips. We are happy we stumbled upon her blog…

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading our Friday Five!


Devin & Emily