Friday Five

Hello WCBC, Happy Friday! I’m Delane the blogger behind A Well Fed Life, a lifestyle blog that chronicles my life philosophy of feeding life each day with healthy food, an active lifestyle and little indulgences. I’m excited to bring you another edition of WCBC Friday Five.


I’m a creature of habit especially when it comes to food  #foodbloggerirony.  Every morning while eating breakfast (for the past two months it’s been iced coffee and an egg sandwich) I catch-up on social media while watching the Today Show. When I saw The Hungry Buddha’s Chai Spiced Almond Meal Breakfast Bowl I was drooling. 1– I love Chai Spices 2- I love fresh fruit  and 3- I love me some healthy fiber in the morning (if you know what I mean).

This is definitely going in the breakfast rotation next week.


Is it just, me or do you feel like summer is racing to the end faster the Usain Bolt? #shamelessolympicreference  It makes me sad that the days are getting shorter.  I don’t want to the summer to end and I want to enjoy as much of it can I can. I’m loving the Solo Roamer’s list of free things to do this summer. So many great ideas of things to do and places to go before the leaves turn brown. And they are FREE.


I’ve been to France several times but never to Normady. I had such wanderlust reading The Golden Girl’s blog post on Normady, France.  It makes me want to jump on a place right now. It defiantly moved up in my bucklist’s priority.


When it comes to exercise I’m a cardio junkie and will choose spinning over dumbbells any day of the week. Low to Luxe’s post on easy arm exercises makes me want to pick up a pair of dumbbells and turn my flabby arms into a pair of guns. She makes it look so easy. I must also say she looks  1MILLLION times more stylish than me when exercising.


I consider myself a hustler. Rarely is there a day where I sit around and binge watch Netflix. It usually takes me being sick.  When I stumbled upon Beneath the Chandelier’s August background I immediately downloaded it to my phone.  It spoke to me…. “Good things comes to those who Hustle” YES. YES THEY DO!

Well that a wrap…this is what I’m loving on my fellow WCBC blogs this week. WCBC has so many talented bloggers.  I loved reading so many of your blog posts when creating this edition. I hope everyone has a great weekend.