Friday Five from Megan from Some Things I’m Moderately Excited About

Hi guys! I’m Megan from Some Things I’m Moderately Excited About and this week I’m breaking down the best of the best from WCBC. Even though we’re only a few weeks into April, it’s time to start thinking about summer travel plans (especially if you want some good deals!)


Know you want to jet set somewhere but need a little inspiration? Whether you want to stay local to get your culture fix in Seattle or Miami, or head overseas to somewhere like Barcelona or Florence, my guides will give you all the tips you need for a trip to remember.

Need some more inspiration or reading material for the weekend? Check out these 5 posts below! Happy Friday – hope your weekend is full of adventure!


Hashtags and Handbags

I have only been to Puerto Rico once in my life and I am dying to go back. It’s hard to believe this is technically part of the US! Maria, of Hashtags and Handbags, shares some really interesting facts about the city (which I am a HUGE fan of doing) and some great places to get amazing food on the cheap. Plus, with all the gorgeous pics, you’ll feel like you’re there!


Wayfaring Rachel

Though I recently wrote about my own trip to Seattle, I LOVED reading about Rachel’s rainy day itinerary. We had totally different weather, but it’s smart to have some sort of backup plan! She also highlights something I didn’t even know you could do – Yoga Under Glass at the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, which I have not made it to. Now I am dying to go!


My Petite Joys

I have never been to Amsterdam, but Christina’s post took me there. Not only does she share some really fascinating information about the city history and architecture, but she also gives a great breakdown of the museums, which I am a huge fan of (I can’t wait to go to the Van Gogh Museum!)


Eat Play Pixels

Similarly to Amsterdam, I am ashamed to say I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. But that doesn’t mean it’s not on my short list! It is. Alex shares a very humorous account of his visit to the Grand Canyon in his recent post. The other thing I loved was the sage advice he shared – it’s not always about making your pictures look amazing; don’t overthink them. Just shoot what your eye sees and then take some time to enjoy the scenery yourself.


The Hungry Buddha Eats The World

Sometimes you don’t have to venture far for amazing culture and cuisine – you just need to look around your own city. Chrissy gives a very thorough overview of all her favorite spots to chow down in Chi-Town. Not only that, but she also breaks down what situation they are good for (i.e. which meal, good for groups, based on how much time you have, etc.).

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