Friday Five

Mango, Banana, IceCream,

Summer, oh Summer! I’m sure this is the most expected season for you as it is for me. My name is Daniel from This Is My Take, a healthy lifestyle blog which is about to have its second birthday! Last week I posted my very first Ice Cream recipe and it came out great! It was a Mango-Banana creamy deliciousness!

So here’s what I’m going to do and hopefully you join me! I will spend a good amount of time in the kitchen this weekend making all of this awesome treats and will be posting everything on IG, Facebook and Twitter, and on

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream



  • And again! A Dash of Megnut’s Vegan Peach Ice Cream. I just think I’m just a new fan of this site!



I will be posting some IG photos using the #thisismytake and #windycitybloggers, let us know if you try some of these recipes or visited some of Kari’s options over the weekend!

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