Friday Five with Caitlin from Sophisticaiton

Hey y’all! Caitlin here from Sophisticaition. I hope you enjoyed this week and remembered that the Air and Water Show practice began Thursday! I didn’t and I low key thought we were getting nuked for a split second… ANYWAYS, I rounded up some of the posts of blogger friends old and new that have inspired me. I know you will love them as much as I do!

24 Hours of New Orleans Southern Decadence – The Brazen Gourmand

I spent a looooot of time in the Deep South when I was little. My dad traveled for work, and my mom brought us kids along to take full advantage of his free hotel rooms in New Orleans. Little Cait had a full-blown Southern accent if you can believe it! Caroline’s post brought me right back to walking the streets of the French Quarter, listening to jazz players at Jackson Square and eating those darn-good beignets. She is so gifted with visual storytelling!

Stripes & Ruffles – Kristina Does the Internet

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina at a blogging conference earlier this month, and I am so glad she is now a WCBC member! I don’t know about y’all, but I have been worrying about how many cute summery dresses and tops I got this season because I “had to have them.” How the heck am I going to wear them in fall?! I love how Kristina took a traditional summer dress and styled it in a way that will work for drinks tomorrow OR after Labor Day.

S’Mores Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich – Bits + Bites Blog

I always joke that it’s a good thing Katie doesn’t live nearby or my trainer would NOT be happy with me! This girl always comes up with new spins on my favorite foods, and this s’mores ice cream sandwich is just that. My mouth is watering just looking at the promo image for her post as I type this… Hey, Katie, maybe you should invite me over next time you do a food shoot 😉

How to Dig Yourself Out of a Freelance Rut – Ashlee O’Neil

Since taking my blogging full-time, there have been days where I am super motivated and accomplish 2 days worth of work in mere hours, but there are others where I just CANNOT get the words out of my brain and onto the (virtual) page. Ashlee is always a great resource for me to bounce ideas off of and to get me back on track. Her post on this same topic is fantastic for those days you literally can’t even.

Loralette Review – Style Plus Curves

Recently, Amber posted this INCREDIBLE photo to her Instagram. I had to do a double take – it looked like she was on Mars!!! No, her boyfriend is THAT GOOD. I mean, seriously, how stunning is that photo?! This recent post of hers is from the same trip as that golden Insta. I am absolutely obsessed with the landscape, which combined with her cuteness and the pink babydoll dress makes this post a 10/10.


That about does it for me! I hope yall have a great weekend full of drinks, laughs and solar eclipse prep!

Xoxo Caitlin