Friday Five with Jesi from Pepperminting

Hellooooo, February! The month of love and warmth… and unfortunately, frigid Chicago temperatures!

I’m Jesi, your virtual big sister! I write the fashion and fitness blog Pepperminting, where I share tips on how to be a healthy and happy girly girl. I have created so many meaningful and long-lasting friendships with fellow bloggers I’ve met through WCBC, and I’m here today to share a few of my favorite posts from this past week!

friday five with jesi from pepper minting

Caravan of Style

“Please Stop Asking Me How I Afford to Travel”
Monika is a wonderful tell-it-like-it-is girl and I absolutely love reading her blog posts, which are always filled with great advice. This article was actually picked up this week and featured by “The Financial Diet”! She offers blunt and sensible suggestions on how to prioritize travel and afford to visit incredible destinations in your twenties and thirties.

friday five with jesi from pepperminting

Hallways are My Runways

“Bon Appétit”
I’m a little biased about choosing Hallways are my Runways’ mouthwatering Canada post “Bon Appétit” this week, because my little sister had her wedding in Québec City this past fall! Peggy recently visited Canada, and her food pictures are enough to make me want to book a flight up north. The poutine and cheese-filled Canadian dishes she chronicles are a great addition to your weekly blog post catch-up.

friday five with jesi from pepperminting

Gold Coast Girl

“Elle’s 6 Favorite Baby Products”
My new favorite mom, Samantha, updates her blog followers frequently on her adorable brand new baby girl, Elle! She is an awesome resource for chic moms – advice for first-time moms, products she uses, and cute outfits to wear as a new mommy.

friday five with jesi from pepperminting

Engineering in Style

“Growing Out Your Hair”
Katherine from Engineering in Style posts chic outfits and advice for the everyday career woman! This week, she shared a few great looks, as well as advice on how she’s currently growing out her short bob. Follow her on Instagram for daily looks (and YES, she is a real engineer!).

friday five with jesi from pepperminting

Cedar & Rush

“Comfy Pajamas”
I seriously can’t WAIT to get my hands on Nicole’s comfy Everlane pajama set! I love seeing her crisp and clean pictures posted on Instagram and her blog page. She is the epitome of chic! If you’re looking for a set of comfy and cozy pajamas, look no further than this week’s Cedar & Rush blog post.

friday five with jesi from pepperminting

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Have a great first weekend of February!

<3 Jesi