Inspiration: Kate Hudson On Why Women Should Support Each Other

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In a recent interview with Glamour, Kate Hudson spoke out against the cattiness of Hollywood. She said, “You have a choice to either compete with the woman sitting next to you or to support her and do something together and root for each other.”

Why is it that women have a tendency to be jealous and competitive towards each other, instead of supportive? This can be especially true online. Sites like Get Off My Internets exist so that people can put each other down. Don’t people realize that positivity is more productive? When you encourage and support people, it becomes contagious as others pay it forward.

Hudson went on to say, “We should be developing things together, we should be cheerleading each other, putting the power we have behind each other and doubling up on it and really getting female-driven films made.” Obviously, she is talking about the film industry, but I think this applies to life in general. Knowing you aren’t in it alone is a powerful feeling, and helping others forges friendships.

The goal of the WCBC is to create an encouraging and inspiring online community. Together, we have the ability to turn our corner of the internet into a place were we support each other and commend each other’s accomplishments.

There are lots of ways to support fellow bloggers and to make the WCBC community stronger. When you love something – be vocal about it. Hearing positive feedback makes people’s days. Get invited to an amazing blogger event? Ask if you can bring another blogger along- this helps others network, and ensures that you will know someone at the event.

There is nothing I love more than see WCBC members support each other through collaborations, tweeting each others posts, and including each other in weekly roundups of favorite posts. We really are stronger as a team.