Meet the Member: Later Ever After

I am Amy Kraynak and I run Later Ever After, a Chicago based life,style and fashion blog focused on women who are operating on their own life timeline.  For the woman who moves at her own pace and redefines societies definitions on when to achieve milestones. My experiences and perspectives show that following your own timeline results in a fulfilled and happy life. I highlight this through all facets of life including fashion, home, career and travel on Later Ever After.

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start you blog?

I launched my blog, Later Ever After in the Fall 2017.  The impetus for my blog was a conversation I had at my day job about my hobbies. I was a bit embarrassed to tell people that my hobbies include reading my favorite blogs, scouting out recent fashion finds, making my house a home and pondering my life timeline.  The fact of the matter was I spent hours each night following my favorite blogs covering all different topics, from travel to career. While I loved all these bloggers and still do today, none of them were my exact match. I was on a different life timeline then most of these women.  I felt there must be other women out there who have the same thoughts.

From that, I was inspired to create a blog that highlights that living life on your own timeline has its benefits. Take a look at my life timeline. I bought my first condo in downtown Chicago when I was 25, as a single woman.  I worked two jobs, seven days a week to save for and afford my condo, which I loved with all my heart. I got married later in life when I was 35, which was about 8 years after my core group of friends. I worked hard and landed a wonderful job, later in life than most people too, and got my first real promotion at 36.  I have no children, no pets and I’ve decided to launch a blog (my first ever) and I’m pushing my late thirties. My life is drastically different then all of my friends (and most of society), but that doesn’t bother me. It’s actually perfect for me. I love my life timeline because I define it, I control it and I embrace it. Was it hard moving at a different speed than the rest of my friends? Of course. But did I let that drag me down? No!  Through all the ups and downs in life I realized that only I can make myself truly happy, only I hold the key to my success in life, and only I can create my life timeline.

What is your favorite blog post that you have written?

My favorite blog post was “Getting Dressed Faster: 5 Pieces For 5 Outfits.”

What I loved about this post is how much fun I had challenging myself to create and wear 5 outfits only using 5 pieces in my wardrobe.  Completing the experiment allowed me to see how a little effort can go a long way. Given that I work in a formal environment, getting dressed up for work is part of my daily routine.  It shed light on how I shop and select pieces for my work wardrobe and forced me to make conscious decisions about good pieces to buy for my work wardrobe. The best thing about the post was that planning ahead for the work week paid endless dividends for my daily sanity too!

What do you love about blogging?

Blogging provides me with a creative outlet and allows me to let loose a bit.  I work at a formal corporate job which is very structured and blogging is the exact opposite.  I enjoying coming up with topics to talk about in my posts. I try to always pick a topic that is current or important to me.  I absolutely love pulling together outfits, from shopping for them, styling them and shooting the photos. I also enjoy the challenging side of blogging.  I’m not a techy person at all, I can barely work my iphone on some days, but starting my blog I had to figure out how to launch a website and maintain it. There is nothing more satisfying as installing a widget successfully the first time!

I love knowing that I’m reaching and relating to other women who have the same feelings I do. There was a large chunk of time as a young adult that I felt behind or out of the loop.  When my core group of friends were out dating and living it up in the city, I was working two jobs to pay my mortgage. When they were all getting married, starting families and moving to the burbs, I was still in the city, finally ready to start dating and focusing on that part of my life.  And even now they all have kids and I’m just enjoying the first few years of married life. I was always a little out of sync with the majority of people and may always be, but I’ve learned to embrace it and love it for what it is. I want others to know its ok to move at your own pace, as long as you are happy doing it!

What are some brands that you have worked with, or some brands that you would love to work with?

I’ve been blessed to work with some great brands such as such as Holly & Tanager, MM La Fleur and the upcoming launch of Sela Fit.  What I love about these brands is that they were all created by women! My dream is provide content for The Everygirl.