Members’ Posts We Love This Week: September 4th

Hey there! Does anyone else feel like the weather in Chicago has felt like straight up Fall recently? Well, we’re not complaining one bit! This week we have some great posts from our bloggers including a guide to keeping up with running as you get older from Mag Mile Runner and a few great outfit posts as well as a must-read skincare post from the Acne Whisper. Hope you enjoy!

Study Abroad Guide: Why You Should Do It

Lattes, Life and Luggages shares why studying abroad is important to any college career if you can make it work!

A Sweet, Feminine Outfit for a Shopping Spree

Just Gigi shows off a simple, chic outfit for almost any occasion but I love going shopping in it!

Into the Blue

Jess from 26 and Not Counting recaps her experience at Shedd Blu and shares the best dress for fall weddings!

How to Run Pain-free as You Get Older

If you love to run, you might have a goal of being able to do it for the rest of your life! There are some habits you can adopt to keep your body running for years to come.

Printable Birthday and Anniversary Cards!

Musings of a Museum Fanatic designed a humorous printable birthday and anniversary card that you need to check out!


Every good time and good result in the kitchen has a good soundtrack behind it. OSR has collaborated with 5 followers to develop a debut soundtrack of tunes that are great for gettin’ your cooking on!

Handmade Jewelry in Chicago

J. Chic Chicago’s collaboration with Nakamol Chicago!

Stubborn Acne Around the Chin and Mouth

Stubborn breakouts around the mouth and chin aren’t always hormonal! Learn more about the different types of chin acne.

This Not-So-Danish Girl

What happens when you use a piece of art to inspire an outfit? You get a beautiful outfit (and some great outtake photos).

Dress (or 2) That Will Get Your Through

Ashley from The Petite Chronicles shares the perfect piece that’ll get you through all four seasons.
That does it for this week’s roundup! We’ll see you next week!