Posts We Love: March 2, 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Bree Quiachon, new Intern/Assistant Editor for The Windy City Blogger Collective. I am currently a junior, studying Fashion Business and Marketing at Columbia College Chicago. I love all things fashion, food, beauty + wellness, travel, and lifestyle. You can read and see my perspective of life on my blog. I am very excited to be apart of The Windy City team! In honor of the exciting news of The Everygirl announcing their launch of The Everymom, I am setting the tone this week of our favorite MOM BLOGGERS!

Posts We Love:

Danielle Moss: Co-founder of The Every Girl. Danielle writes about all things fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and interior. This soon-to-be mom, had made a big announcement when The Everygirl turned 6: The Everymom will be launching!  This idea has been in the back of both co-founders, Danielle and Alaina’s, minds but it is finally being brought to life. Stay tuned for more news on The Everymom and how you can help share your relatable “mom stories.”


Alaina Kaczmarski: Elizabeth Street Post writes about all things fashion, interior, travel, life, and so much more. Alaina is also the Co-Founder of The Everygirl. For all of you mothers-to-be, Alaina goes into great detail about her baby registry! Are you having your first child? What trimester are you in?  Have you made your baby nursery? Alaina’s tasteful and classy style is perfect inspiration for all you Chicago moms!


Liz Adams: Sequins & Stripes is an adorable mom to Charlie and Jack Adams! When it comes to fashion, motherhood, fitness, beauty, and Cooking with Liz — Sequins & Stripes seems to handle the lifestyle of motherhood with such grace. Not only is Liz stylish but she seems to love dressing her two boys in the most adorable pieces of clothing. Head over to her blog and check out little Charlie’s spring wardrobe for toddler inspiration!


Kelly Larkin: Kelly in the City and her little family have been all about fun in the sun lately! On top of being a mother to sweet little, Emma, Kelly writes about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and her family. Kelly was just recently enjoying the warm Florida weather, and in her most recent post she gives her readers a Guide to Naples, FL! For all of you heading somewhere warm for Spring Break be sure to stop by and read her guide for tips + recommendations!


That is all for now, loves. Happy March!

xo — Bree