Posts We Love: March 23, 2017

When it comes down to all things beauty, some of us are very good about a certain skincare routine or even taking out the time of your day on unwinding and relaxing. Others could care less about putting “beauty” before themselves. A topic that has caught my eye this week has definitely been Beauty + Self Care. These beauty and wellness bloggers have just recently written about their favorite products to use and certain routines that they do for themselves:

The Fox & She: Blair is a mother and wife, who likes to share her everyday style and beauty + wellness tips. In her most recent post, she goes into Microneedling — is it worth the hype? Microneedling is a new kind of skin treatment that rolls hundreds of needles in your skin to create miniature wounds, which sounds awful but it actually is able to trigger your body to produce collagen and elastin! Read more about this treatment on her blog.


The Golden Girl: Jess is an adorable fashion and beauty blogger! In her most recent post, she talks about 28 life-changing beauty products that you need to try. This is a “reader’s favorite” post, Jess had gotten in touch with her readers on the ONE beauty product that you cannot live without. Read about what everyone had to say and what they cannot live without!


Live Half Full: Katie is a working mom and wife who lives in the Chicagoland area. She had started her blog back in 2011 and dedicated to all things fitness, wellness, and her family. Just recently, Katie wrote a post on a “Self Care Routine.” Being a busy mom, self care has become non-negotiable. Read up on her blog on how to create a morning and evening routine for yourself, for all you busy working-moms out there!


The Every Girl: The Every Girl is everyone’s favorite blog that touches on all things fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, living, and so much more. This week they had touched base on “7 Hair Products that are Pure Genius.” We are all so caught up keep up with our skin care routines but how much do we really pay attention to what is going into the health of our hair? Read up on these products that we should be using on their blog!


That is all for now, loves!

xoxo  — Bree