Friday Five with Some Places I’m Moderately Excited About

As many of you may know, my wheelhouse is mostly travel and adventure over at Some Places I’m Moderately Excited About. I love cute clothes and putting outfits together (print mashing and color clashing are fun – I have an artistic background and I feel like it’s such a great form of personal expressionism!) but again, it’s not one of my top hobbies.

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However, I also have this weird fomo thing where when I leave the house (or heaven forbid, pack for a whole 9 days in Ireland), I always feel like I should’ve worn something different. Does that ever happen to you?

I usually try to think about 5 steps ahead – what kind of place are we going to? What’s the weather like? How much walking will I have to do? How many beverages will be acting as a buffer between my feet and the pain of whatever shoes I have on? But then as soon as I get out of the house and I see someone with a badass ensemble on, I have closet remorse.

That’s why I was so excited to round up some of my favorite WCBC fashionista ladies and their recent posts –because one of my go-to ways to get inspired about what to wear (and make it easier to choose – analysis paralysis is a real thing, yo!) is to see what this amazing community of people has up their sleeves (pun intended, of course).

So check out these 5 recent gems that will give you all the inspiration you need to adventure through this weekend and the week ahead in style!


Style Plus Curves

Amber from Style Plus Curves is KILLING it in this gorgeous bright blue vintage dress, proving show-stopping color is absolutely always in style. I also love her write up of the dress, which got me thinking about some tips I hadn’t even considered, like how well your clothes travel and what you should be thinking about when you pack!


Hey Lizzy Fay

From covering exciting trips to showing you around Chicago, there’s never a dull moment on Hey Lizzy Fay! Not only does she showcase some pretty fun events, she looks darn good doing it. This recent post caught my eye – I never even knew marigold was a color I liked until I saw this amazing bell sleeved top! You can also check out a bunch of her other looks on her Insta!


Engineer in Style

I’ve been a not so secret admirer of Katherine over at Engineering In Style for quite some time. Not only does she always look AMAZING, she is a lady boss brainiac too (yup, she really is an engineer). I recently saw this post from her and it reminded me of how much black I have in my closet. However, it also reminded me how easy it is to do something surprising and fun with it too! I love how this ladylike floral maxi skirt clashes just a little bit with the rebellious crop top.

Get Your Chic Together

So all I have to say is silk pants FTW! Damaris from Get Your Chic Together does some pretty daring stuff, and these silk pants are no exception. I have a pair of joggers and a pair of wide leg pants sitting in my closet from when I was ballsy enough to buy them (may have been fueled by a brunch time bloody or two) but sadly, still have not been ballsy enough to wear them. Until this post!


Gilded Gal

So, as you can probably tell, I am a sucker for bright colors. In this recent post by Alex from Gilded Gal, which is a reflection of her past year of blogging and what’s to come (congrats, girl!) she also showcases exactly what I love about her style – full of bold pieces with lots of interesting textures (how do you make ruffles look so boss lady instead of birthday party!?) and interesting accessories.

There you have it! What’s your favorite way to get fashion inspired?! Leave a comment!

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