Blogging Basics: Get Google to Find Your Posts

SEO is the art (or science) of crafting a blog post so that it’s more likely to appear in search engine results. There are ways to try and game the system but many of those can get you blacklisted instead of highly ranked. Plus search engines, Google especially, change their search algorithms on a regular […]

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Blogging 101 // Starting A Blog

Blogging 101: Starting a Blog - Everything you need to know to start a blog!

Starting your first blog is a fun and exciting thing, but it can also be a little scary at the same time. Before you decide on a blogging platform, purchase a domain name, or write your very first post, you have two major decisions to make: what are you going to blog about and what […]

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HTML Basics

Knowing the basics of HTML can come in handy when you’re trying to format a post or add items to your sidebar. Here’s a quick breakdown of some HTML basics that I use on a regular basis. When you’re editing in HTML make sure you’re editing in the HTML or Text view, adding HTML to […]

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