Blogging 101 // Starting A Blog

Blogging 101: Starting a Blog - Everything you need to know to start a blog!

Starting your first blog is a fun and exciting thing, but it can also be a little scary at the same time. Before you decide on a blogging platform, purchase a domain name, or write your very first post, you have two major decisions to make: what are you going to blog about and what will you name your blog?

Many people begin blogging because they already know what they want to share, others just know they want to share something, they’re just not exactly sure what. If you’re in the not-exactly-sure camp, my advice is to start following a few different types of blogs to get an idea of the content you gravitate towards. What are you most interested in? What excites you? What is something you’re really good at? The answers to these questions can help point your own blog in the right direction.

Still not sure? Trust me, you’re not alone. When I started my own blog I knew very little about blogging and I just wanted an outlet for my thoughts. I had no vision of what I wanted my blog to become down the road because, honestly, I didn’t know if I’d actually stick with it. My blog evolved naturally into what it is today and I’m sure this progression will continue as I grow along with it. Does it make things easier if you start out with a clear concept and vision? Probably. Is it the end of the world if you don’t? I certainly don’t think so! Many popular food bloggers began their blogs as a way to keep a meal diary. Travel blogs sometimes begin as a means for people to share an account of their adventures with family back home. Blogging is a very personal thing so it makes sense that your blog will grow with you!

Once you decide what you want to blog about it’s time to pick a name. Best advice I can give on naming your blog? Three words: short, simple, and memorable. You don’t want a URL that is too long to remember or a name too difficult for people to find. As someone who just renamed their blog I know that this is also no easy task!

What helped me the most was creating a list of words that I liked and adding and crossing out until I came up with the perfect name. I asked friends and family for their ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. I knew I didn’t want my title to be focused on one specific topic like food or travel because my blog isn’t focused on one specific topic. If yours is, then I definitely recommend picking a name that will give your readers a clue as to what your blog is about before they even read their first post. If I was going to guess, I’d have to say “The Kittchen” is probably going to have something to do with food, right? It’s just another way to help reinforce your brand, and you definitely want to do as much of that as you can!

Now that you’ve come up with the vision for your blog and given it a name, the real fun begins! Not only is it exciting to see your logo at the top of your very own webpage-it’s pretty exhilarating when you hit the “Publish” button and for the first time. The people I’ve met and the opportunities that have come my way thanks to blogging have made all the work that goes into it worth it. If you’re thinking of starting a blog I strongly encourage you to go for it!

By Lauren of Lion + Maven