Friday Five: May 25, 2018

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to spend my FIRST summer in Chicago. I was born and raised in the North West Suburbs of Chicago, so I have always been back and forth on the Metra. This year, being an incoming senior and having my first “big girl job/internship,” gave me a good reason to stay this summer. I love being able to explore this city and try new things, this week’s wrap up are of our favorite bloggers with the best Chicago City Guide:

The Golden Girl: Jess Keys is an adorable fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger! ON her blog you will find your daily dose of attainable,  relatable, style, home decor,  and a lot of tips, tricks and advice about life in general that she’s learned along the way.  In a previous post with the Windy City Blogger team, Jess and a few others had created the most ADORABLE guide and teamed up with Block 37 to create a list their Favorite Spots in Chicago. Click here, to read more about it!


312 Food: 312 Food is run by Erin Bryne, who blew up being a Chicago Food Instagrammer. Erin writes about all things food, travel, and guides. If you are anyone like me, you love to go out to eat and go to the hottest / trendiest restaurants in Chicago. In her most recent post she had written a Chicago Brunch Checklist. Click here, to eat and check out the best Brunch places in Chicago!


Simply Meli: Simply Meli is run by Melissa Imbrongo, who was originally fro, the suburbs of Chicago. This blog was created as an outlet and source of inspiration for style, travel, and a health, beauty-full lifestyle. In her most recent post you can click here, and read up on what she loves about living in Chicago.


Olivia Rink: Little miss, petite Olivia has made an appearance on our website a handful amount of times! Olivia grew up in Indiana and got her Interior Design degree after graduating from the University of Kentucky. Olivia touches base from all things fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel. In her most recent post she has written up a Chicago Summer Bucket List! Click here to read up on what she plans to be doing this summer and what you can be checking off your Bucket List!


Lake Shore Lady: Yes, clearly we love Lauren. Lauren is probably the reason where I have gotten most of my round up “inspiration posts” lately.  Lauren’s blog touches base on such relatable topics for bloggers, Chicagoans, fashion, lifestyle, food and so much more! Click here to read up what to do on a weekend in Chicago.


xo —Bree