Ways To Be Easy To Work With

How do you turn one opportunity into more? Convince the company that they want to work with you again. Here are some things that companies are looking for:

Be responsive. Don’t let emails sit. Even if you are having a really busy day, respond. It is ok if the response just says: “Hi, I quickly read your email, I flagged it, and will write a thoughtful response tomorrow.” Show that you are on top of things. Acknowledging that you saw the email is better than leaving someone in the dark. No one likes feeling like their email is lost in your inbox.

Ask questions. It is crucial that you understand what the company you are partnering with expects from you. Spell it out. How many blog posts do they want? How much social media promotion? Are there specific hashtags or calls to action to include? What is the timing they are looking for?

Follow through. You understand what your expectations are. Now follow through with any tasks that you have been assigned. Send links to your work back to the brand.

Get them all the information they need. If you have to sign an agreement, provide your media kit, or any other information, get it to them within 24 hours. You don’t want to hold anyone up. But, at the same time, never sign an agreement without reading it. Make sure you understand what it says, and it is fine to ask questions to clarify any points.

Don’t flake out on events. If you say you are going to attend an event, mark it in your calendar and show up. If something comes up and you can’t make it, let the organizer know. Realize that events are planned to accommodate certain a certain number of people, so when you RSVP and are a no-show, you also prevented someone else from attending. Companies pay attention to who shows up, and who doesn’t.

It’s ok to say no. But be polite. Sometimes a little explanation might be helpful to. If you are trying to move away from lifestyle posts to focus solely on fashion, just say so. It will help people know which opportunities you are looking for.

Be appreciative. Brands want you to be excited to work with them. And never underestimate the power of a thank you note.

Do you have any advice to add? Let us know in the comments!

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