What Brands Are Looking For When They Visit Your Blog

When brands come to your website and are seeking bloggers to partnerships they are looking for some specific things. Let’s break down what brands are looking for when they visit your blog.

  1. An About Me Page – This should have two sections, it should tell people about who you are, and what your blog is about. Make this easy to find – I recommend having a link to the About Me Page in the sidebar and in the menu bar. The About Me page should be up to date – if it says you have two toddlers when you actually have two teenagers, the wrong brands might be reaching out to you.
  2. Your Email Address – No one wants to fill out a contact form. I have heard brands say that they have skipped on contacting someone for a collaboration because they don’t like filling out contact forms. Just give out your email address.
  3. Where You Live – Not your address, but tell us which city you live in. Often brands are looking to work with bloggers in certain geographic areas, and they might skip over you if they can’t figure out where you live.
  4. At Least 3 Months of Consistent Blog Posts – If you aren’t blogging consistently it shows that you aren’t treating your blog as a business. Plus, if you haven’t written anything in a while people might assume that people aren’t visiting your site anymore.
  5. Links To Your Social Media Profiles – Don’t make brands search for your social media channels, have easy to find links. If the brand likes what they see the next step is usually to check out your social media profiles.
  6. A Point of View – When someone visits your site and looks around they should be able to understand what your blog is about, and tell if their brand is the right fit. If you blog about everything or if all of your posts are sponsored content, your point of view gets lost. You want someone to be able to say what your blog is about in two sentences after looking at your homepage. Test this out by asking friends – if their two sentences aren’t matching what you want your website to be about it is a sign that you need to focus more.
  7. Bright Beautiful Clear Photos – Photos are the selling point of a blog. Brands want to work with bloggers who have great imagery on their sites.
  8. A Professional Head Shot – It looks unprofessional if you use a photo that you cropped other people out of, or a wedding photo. If you want to blog professionally, invest in some professional photos or ask a friend to take some.