Why You Aren’t Getting Gigs

One of the things that bloggers ask themselves is why they aren’t getting gigs. Bloggers see their peers working with brands, and sometimes think: why didn’t I get that job? Let’s break down some reasons why bloggers aren’t getting gigs.

1. Your Blog is Too New

You might be eager to collaborate with brands (and potentially make money) but if your blog is too new, brands probably won’t be reaching out. You need to build up a base of blog post, and build a readership before brands will want to work with you. I recommend having a least a few months of content and at least 5,000 pageviews per month before you reach out to brands.

2. You Are Not Posting Frequently Enough

Brands want to see that you are committed to regularly publishing new content. Maintain a schedule of posting at least once a week. If a brand goes to your site and sees that you haven’t published a new post in weeks or months they probably aren’t going to ask you to collaborate.

3. Your Images Are Not Good Enough

I can’t stress the importance of image quality enough. The images are what sell your site. The images draw in both readers and potential partners. Focus on taking bright and beautiful images. The images should be big and clear, and they should be your own images and not stock photos.

4. You Missed the Opportunity

Did you have 1,000 unread emails? You might just be missing the emails inquiring about collaborations.

5. You Aren’t on the PR Agencies or Brands Radar

Sometimes you might not get a gig because the person in charge did find you. If you want more work, focus on building up great content and a solid readership. Then make a media kit and send it out to introduce yourself.