6 Tips for Blogging on the Road

Planes, Trains and Automobiles isn’t just a Thanksgiving movie… it is also where you can get a ton of work done for your blog without being online! As you pack up and hit the road this Thanksgiving keep these 6 Tips for Blogging on the Road in mind!

Plan Out Your Content

Use this offline time to break out your favorite notebook or planner and put your collection of colored pens to use. Not being distracted by incoming emails or updates from your Instagram feed will fuel your creativity! Just start to jot down ideas of post titles and add more detail down the road.

Write Up Post Text

Get all the words for your posts written out in a document that you can just copy and paste in later! Make sure you note the post title and the publish date with the text so you know when to schedule it when you’re back on wifi.

Write (or practice) Your Elevator Pitch

You should be able to describe your blog and what content you create in less than 30 seconds. It is important to include the name of your blog and if you know anything about your readers that is helpful. Having your elevator pitch down pat will help you answer all of the questions from your family over the holidays and it will show how confident you are to brands. You’ll use it in person and you’ll use a written out version in emails with brands.

Make a “To Contact” List

Grab that notebook again and open a new page that is just going to be a list of all the brands/companies/organizations that you want to reach out to. A later step will be finding contact information for each of them but just start with a list. You can round out the list and include some ideas for what you would want to partner on or what kind of campaign you would like to be a part of.

Make a “How Do I…?” List

Start another new page in that notebook and jot down all the things you want to learn how to do when it comes to your blog. Is it getting a grasp on some HTML? Is it joining affiliate networks? Is it reaching out to brands? Is it editing photos? There is always something new to learn!

Set Goals for the next 3, 6, 12 Months

This is my favorite way to set goals. 3-6-12 goals are designed to build upon each other. So let’s say that you want to start an Email Newsletter for your blog readers. That might be your 12 month goal. Then you work backwards from there – at the 3 month point you’ll need to have a way to start creating a list or gathering emails from your readers – at 6 months you’ll want to have a strategy for growing that list and by 12 you’ll just have to settle on what the content of the newsletter will be. This makes “big” goals a lot easier to manage!

We wish you all safe and productive travels!!