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See Song Designs is a jewelry line created by Chicagoan Liz Pham. Her work is girly, fun, and perfect for layering. We talked to Liz about how she was able to transition from a career in tax accounting to becoming a jeweler. These days Liz is balancing a 9-5 job with running her own small business – something lots of bloggers can relate to.

Read our interview with Liz below, and be sure to check out the giveaway for a Turquoise Fishtail Bracelet at the end of the post.

Tell us a little more about See Song Designs? How long have you been designing jewelry, and when did you make the move to working for yourself?

See Song Designs is a jewelry line that consists of locally handmade pieces that are bright, trendy, and unique. I have been designing and making jewelry since college, but I officially started doing it for my line in 2012. I actually graduated with my Master’s in accounting, so I started my career in tax at a public accounting firm downtown. Because of my experiences with my jewelry line, I was able to get a job as an analyst at fashion and accessories company which is where I currently work full time. I am lucky enough to be in the fashion industry in a corporate setting and within my own business. It’s been great to take my learnings from each job to help enhance my 9-5 as well as my small business which I work on at nights and on weekends.

Black Rhinestone Bracelet

What is the inspiration behind your work?

I find myself really inspired by the materials I work with. I love the thrill of finding new beads or chain and coming up with a design centered around them. I like to start with a color palette, and then I fill in the gaps with whatever materials I can find to make a piece of jewelry. I also really like learning new jewelry making techniques, and sometimes I will center my designs around a technique.

Where can we purchase your work?

My jewelry is available through my website at as well as on Etsy. Local stores that carry my line include Comfort Me, Goldplaited, Komoda, and the Guesthouse Hotel.

Are there any pieces that you think would make a perfect holiday gift?

I think our Fishtail Bracelet is a great holiday gift. It comes in lots of colors and the chain is really unique. Plus, it’s simple to pair with all sorts of looks. Andi Dorfman from the Bachelorette recently wore our Ocean Blue Fishtail Bracelet on the show too!


What is the hardest part about being self employed?

I currently work full time in addition to running by business. The hardest part for me is balancing work, entrepreneurship, and having a social life. It was pretty hard to deal with when I started my business. I was doing a lot of events and pop ups on the weekends, so I did find myself getting burnt out at times after working full time Monday through Friday. I’m really lucky to have such understanding and supportive people in my life who keep me going. It’s still a balancing act to keep everything afloat, but I have really learned how to invest my time wisely and how to say no sometimes.

Closeup Fishtail Bracelet

What is the most fun part of being self employed?

I really love the freedom of running my own business. Any actions and decisions for my company are up to me in the end, and I can see direct results from my actions.I also think being an entrepreneur has really gotten me to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. I would definitely say that I am not a sales type person, but for See Song Designs, I had to learn how to pitch my brand and my jewelry to the press, stores, and customers. Since I am a pretty reserved person, it’s been great to have my confidence grow in myself and my brand.

Which female entrepreneurs do you look up to?

I really look up to Kendra Scott. I think she is so inspirational, and I am obsessed with her jewelry designs. I love that she is not only a wonderful designer, but she is also a strong business leader and a charitable minded person as well.

What’s next for See Song Designs?

I’m currently working on a new collection and a new collaboration with one of my good friends who works in fine jewelry. Stay tuned!

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