Behind The Brand // Deskpass


Tell us about Deskpass.
Deskpass is an affordable monthly membership that offers access to over 25 of the best coworking spaces in Chicago from the team at Desktime. Members get the chance to work at the same space up to five times every month or pick someplace new every day. We love that members can pick a place near meetings or plans they have that day, or try out a new space to mix things up.

What was the inspiration?
There are so many great new spaces that have opened up since we opened one of the first dedicated coworking spaces in Chicago, The Coop, now NextSpace River North (and on Deskpass!). With our coworking software, Desktime, we get to see first hand all the fantastic spots that are opening and thought we were in the best position to put together a city wide membership.


Why should bloggers use Deskpass?
We’re all looking for inspiration, right? Writers and content creators like the Windy City Bloggers can get out into the city, see a new neighborhood, connect with other local creatives and get inspired by new surroundings. Or, work out of an office near your day’s meetings or lunch plans.

Which co-working spaces and Deskpass users choose from?
Right now the network includes over 25 spaces in Chicagoland, and we’re adding more all the time. We’re excited to offers spots in the Loop, in neighborhoods all over the city and the suburbs, too. You can see the whole list here.

Why do you think people, and big companies, and making the move to co-working spaces?
For the first time ever most folks can work from wherever they want whenever they want. It presents a great new question, “Where do you want to work today?” The thing is, most folks have never had the opportunity to pick where they want to work so they may not know what they’re looking for and their needs may change based on the kind of things they’re working on at the moment. Deskpass is the best way for folks to find a place that works great for them that day.

As for businesses…it’s hard to get millennials to shlep to the suburbs every day to work. Deskpass is a great benefit for businesses that allows them to support a mobile workforce or some coworking without a big scary investment.


How do we sign up for Deskpass?
You can request an invite here. Membership is flexible and affordable and you can cancel anytime. Enter coupon code ‘windycity’ for $100 off your first month.

Which entrepreneurs do you look up to?
I’ll share some hometown heroes… Jason Fried of Basecamp and Chef Paul Kahan! Both incredibly smart, passionate, hard working and frustratingly humble. I also appreciate anyone who is willing to share their wisdom. Lately, we’ve been working out of Simple Honest Space (via Deskpass) and get to share it with Kristi Zuhlke the CEO of KnowledgeHound. Watching her launch and manage her business inspires me every day I’m there. Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang has become one of the best in the world, and that is enough to emulate! But I love her emphasis on the natural environment. When I was able to check out her studio, I was absolutely blown away by the deep variety of types of projects different sizes and scales and how she gives back.

Desktime loves the Windy City and we love Windy City Bloggers. Remember to enter ‘windycity’ to receive $100 off your first month of Deskpass, and get inspired in some of our fair city’s best workspaces.