#Block37Beauty Recap

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Have you visited Block 37? The urban shopping center in the heart of the loop on State Street is home to five beauty retailers! Recently WCBC partnered with Block 37 and five of our beauty bloggers to host #Block37Beauty, an evening filled with shopping, sweet treats from Magnolia Bakery, and giveaways.

Here is a peek at the event via the attendee’s instagram posts:

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As always, our members were wonderfully dressed and accessorized. Ashlei from Kinks Are The New Pink even wore one of her beauty picks- Flash Tattoos from Sephora. We loved the way she mixed her real bling with her tattooed bling.

photo via @kinksarepink

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Event attendees were greeted with a tower of cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, which can be found on the first level of Block 37.

photo via @thekittchen

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After some mingling and snacking, our members went off to explore Block 37’s five beauty retailers. Sabon created a beautiful display in the center of their shop that highlighted the products selected by our members.

photo via @thetrendysparrow

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Anthropologie’s lip glosses, perfumes, and beauty products were delicately arranged in their light filled store.

photo via @toethatline

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Some members stopped to admire Block 37’s architecture.

photo via @toethatline

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The lovely staff at Ladies & Gentlemen an Aveda Salon and Spa treated visitors to hand massages, something every blogger needs after long days pounding at keyboards.

photo via @thetrendysparrow

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Some bloggers used the event as an opportunity to pick up gifts for Mother’s Day. Katie picked up this Shea Butter Lime Hand Creme from L’Occitane, which was one of Stephanie’s picks.

photo via @katie_carrico

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And we learned that when you host a blogging event at a shopping center, lots of shopping happens.

photo via @xomegc

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Huge thanks to our members Anne, Ashlei, Caitlin, Justine, and Stephanie for their help and hard work on this event. You can read all about their favorite beauty picks from the Block 37 Shops on their blogs:

Anne: Defining Delphine

Ashlei: Kinks Are The New Pink

Caitlin: A Cheeky Fox

Justine: Short Is The New Black

Stephanie: The Naked Canvas

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