Compressing Images in PSD

Uploading images is a big part of blogging, but uploading images that are too large and not compressed can also cause your website to load much slower than you’d like.

Blogger and WordPress both allow you to choose a size of image to drop into your post, but when the original image you’re uploading is huge, it will still make the page load slower than you want.


I like to crop and compress my images before uploading to get the speediest site load time possible! I like my images to be the same width as the rest of my content in the column when possible. For me, that’s 620px. If you don’t know your column width, you can ask your designer or consult the backend of your blog — sometimes it will tell you.


Here’s how to compress an image. Open the image in Photoshop and crop it to your column width or desired size. Edit as you normally would, and then hit save. Then go to File > Save for Web & Devices. Select the JPEG option and hit save and there you go!

Upload as normal!

By Blair Culwell, The Fox & She