Friday Five


Hello, I’m Nikki and I’m the blogger behind 30s and Chic. For those unfamiliar with my blog, I focus on fashion and style for women like me: Thirties, professional, and with modern sensibilities.

I’ve only been a member of Windy City Bloggers Collective for a few months, but I am already impressed with how awesome our community is. I really enjoyed our dinner together at IPO at the W this past Tuesday evening!

Here are some of the posts from our community members that I really enjoyed this week:

I really enjoyed Laurie’s, from 312 Beauty, post “about that summer glow,” because I agree! We have a few more days left to savor summer and I use bronzer through the fall anyway. She features several great Dolce & Gabbana products that will complement a variety of skin tones.

I really enjoyed WCBC Founder Blair’s “Photo Diary: Tokyo” post on The Fox and She. Tokyo is on my travel bucket list, and her photos make me want to travel there even more.

I love plaid and anything grunge-inspired, so I absolutely loved Arin’s post “oversized plaid” on Heart of Chic. I enjoy seeing bloggers who can put together fabulous outfits with pieces that fit within any budget.

Holly, of Fancykins, gives us all an update in her wellness journey. She cheated on her diet, and girl, I’ve been there. I think her honesty on her blog is refreshing and inspiring. Check out her post and be sure to follow her for updates on progress.

Finally, check out Erica from Sweet Endeavors’ birthday post. She celebrated in Chicago earlier this week, but today is her actual birthday. I really enjoyed her beautiful nature photography in the post as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my Friday Five through the weekend. I’d also like to ask my fellow members to vote for my French bulldog Pierre for the 2014 VPI Hambone Awards. The VPI Hambone Award is a fun contest for the strangest veterinary insurance claim of the year and the winning dog’s emergency care team will win $10,000 to help other animals whose owners cannot afford emergency care. If Pierre wins, VPI Pet Insurance will give the $10,000 to Chicago’s Furnetic E.R. at UIC.

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photo via The Fox and She