Behind the Brand // Rebecca Mir Grady


Rebecca Mir Grady is a Chicago based jewelry designer and a Martha Stewart American Made Style Award Finalist. Kit and Rebecca both grew up in Kennebunk, Maine, and connected through Rebecca’s New York based fashion blogging sister Emma. Kit caught up with Rebecca to learn about her new fall line, how to layer jewelry, and where to find her work.

1. Congrats on being a Finalist in the Style category of the Martha Stewart American Made awards! What has the process of being nominated and becoming a finalist been like?

Thanks so much! It’s very exciting to get this recognition! Martha Stewart American Made teamed up with Renegade Craft Fair this year, and invited a bunch of us makers to throw our names in the hat! (I exhibited at both the Renegade pop up fair in June at Mana Contemporary, and at the bigger Renegade Craft Fair on Division St earlier this month.) Shortly after the nomination was finalized – I got an email from American Made saying that I had been selected as a finalist in the style category! It’s pretty exciting – I’m happy to have made it to the finalist round, and I’m in great company. There are ten awards total – nine chosen by a panel of judges, and one is an audience choice award. So, I’m crossing my fingers!


2. When did you start your jewelry line?

I started my jewelry line last Fall. After 6 years working as a metalsmith for a handmade jewelry company, I decided to merge my creative interests and skills into the launch of my jewelry line. It’s been a great first year! I recently launched my third collection, Fall/Winter 2014 “DRIFT” and the new styles just went live in my online shop today! I’m really pleased with the evolution of the collection over the last year.

3. What inspires your work?

Growing up in Maine instilled in me a deep interest in the outdoors. My work is influenced by this. It’s inspired by great adventure stories and rugged landscapes. The pieces that I make are also designed to be worn on their own adventures, from Chicago to Maine.

I’ve been re-reading Susan Casey’s book “the Devil’s Teeth” about the Farallon Islands near San Francisco. Thinking about travel, and rough waves and weather, especially in a place like the Farallones definitely inspired my Fall/Winter 2014 collection.


4. How do you think jewelry can complete your outfit? Your work is very minimal… does that mean we can layer it on?

Yes, please – layer it on! I like to mix up gold and silver rings – wearing some skinny gold rings with wide silver cuff rings. I usually mix a couple of bangles with a silver cuff, and then I always wear my gold compass necklace. The simplicity of the pieces definitely allows me to easily wear pieces everyday, and then I layer on a few more pieces whenever I want to dress up an outfit.


5. Where can we purchase your work?

You can find all of my work online 24/7 in my shop at . I’ll be at Dose Market 10-5pm at 401 N. Morgan St. for the holiday Dose Market on December 14th.

Nationally, you can find my work at Alder and Co, Bishop Collective, and the Shop in East Liberty.

6. How can we vote for you to win the American Made award?

You can vote here:

On the right hand side, underneath my profile pic there’s a vote button. Once you click it and register, you can vote up to six times a day! Voting is open till October 13th and winners will be announced October 17th.

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