Blogging Basics: How To Add Your Site To Bloglovin’

When Google Reader went away (for reasons some of us still can’t comprehend), Bloglovin’ became a popular way to follow and read blogs. You can easily follow any blog with Bloglovin’, whether the blog’s owner has signed up with Bloglovin or not. It is in your benefit to sign up for Bloglovin’ because you can add a button to your site, making it easier for others to subscribe to your site.

Claiming your blog on Bloglovin’ and adding a follow button is simple. Here are step by step for How To Add Your Site To Bloglovin’:

Step 1:
Go to and sign up for an account. Then check your email for the confirmation email. Confirm.

Step 2:
Once you confirm your email, you need to follow three blogs to get started. (Maybe those three blogs can be WCBC member’s blogs).

Step 3:
When set up is complete, click on the heart button and select “Your Blogs”.

Step 4:
Then click claim blog.

Step 5:
Type the URL of your site into the text box. Then select your blog from the list.

Step 6:
In order to claim the blog, you need to prove that it is yours. Bloglovin’ does this by having you insert HTML text to one of your blog posts.

Step 7:
Select and copy the Bloglovin’ text. Then open another browser window, go to your blog, and add the text to a blog post, and republish it. Or publish a new blog post.

Step 8:
Once Bloglovin’s text has been published in your blog post, go back to the Bloglovin site and click on “Claim blog”.

Step 9:
Delete the Bloglovin text you added to your site. Once you have claimed your blog, it is ok to remove it.

Step 10:
Now you will be brought to your site’s Bloglovin page and can view statistics.

Step 11:
Next add a Bloglovin button to your site. Click on the heart button and then select “Bloglovin button”.

Step 11:
Select a Bloglovin Button and add it to your site. Do this by selecting the button you like, clicking “Get this icon!”, copying the text, and pasting it into an HTML text widget.

Then you are all set! The entire process takes less than 10 minutes, and can really help you to grain new followers.

Do you use Bloglovin’ to read blogs? Do you have any tips?

By: Kit Graham

  • I love Bloglovin’! Its a great way to aggregate all of the blogs you read into one place. I like to categorize the blogs I follow into different groups (Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, food blogs, etc) –it helps me stay organized with my reading!

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    • lbarriosch

      You might want to add www at the beginning, it worked for me 🙂

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  • For the life of me I could not claim my blog until I found your link and went through step by step. Thank you for sharing such easy pointers, now I’m Bloglovin!

  • I have claimed my blog and enable my RSS Feed to include Pages on my website, however, how can I filter which articles/posts go onto BlogLovin? Some are more bloggy while some are more top level and don’t need to be in my feed

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  • I always get stuck in the “claim blog” spot. It will not find my site… Why is that?

    • We’re not sure, but we have had good luck contacting the Bloglovin’ support team!

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    My blog is on bloglovin then when I tried to claim it and type in the url is says there is no blog with that name. Strange!

  • does it not work if your blog is not your own domain and is through wordpress for example?

  • Janet

    Thanks for this…..some of the prompts have changed. Step 10: “statistics” is now ” analytics”. Step 11: instead of “click on the heart button” (there is no heart button anymore) you need to scroll to “Get more followers” and then “widgets”, and then “select the Bloglovin button”. Now when I did that, I got a pop-up saying that “ is not currently being supported” which was strange because I use, and there are many blogs on Bloglovin.. Emails to Bloglovin did not help; no reply. Tried again again doing the second step of Step 11: “click Get this Icon, copying the text and pasting into an HTML text widget”….tried that but my site would not accept the text. After a few days, a friend told me to go back to my Bloglovin “profile” (the little person icon on top of the page), look for “blogs by (name)”, click on the blog name, highlight/copy the URL on your computer header, now go back to your blog, paste the URL only (not the text) into your Profile/widgets. That worked.

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    • Hi Lauren, I’m having the same issue. Were you able to sort this out?

      • After I deleted my account and made a new one, the posts eventually showed up. Now it takes about 12 hours for my posts to populate on Bloglovin. I still want instant posts though!!

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