Business Card Basics

As bloggers our brands exist, very publicly, online. We spend hours each week at our keyboards crafting the perfect message and maintaining our sites. But, we are also social butterflies and while people will find your site through SEO, Guest Posts and Social Media, nothing beats handing someone a good-old-fashioned business card.

The restaurant manager, sales associate, or fellow blogger should have a sense of your site before they even visit. Your cards are an extension of you and your online brand. But most importantly, your cards need to provide enough information for whomever received it to be able to find you.


Site URL

Social Handles (at least twitter & instagram)

Contact Info (E-mail or phone)


Some bloggers include “titles” on their cards but you certainly don’t have to. If you generate income from design services, freelance writing for other sites or publications, styling or photography, it might be wise to include a title that demonstrates that to help people remember everything you can do!

Once you’ve decided what information to include you need to pick a vendor to produce the cards. The good news is you have plenty of options. You can go with a local designer and be able to work through drafts and revisions together. Or you can use online business stationary sites like Tiny Prints or Moo. Or you could go a more DIY route and either complete them by hand using cards from Paper Source or ordering some from Etsy shops like La Paper Patisserie, Mallory Hope Design, or Paper Clip.

And now that you’ve gotten your cards in the mail it is time to find a card holder to help you hand them out in style! Some of our favorites include the Kate Spade Holly, the GiGi New York Metallic Case and these Neiman Marcus Card Cases.

By: Erin Bassett