Behind The Brand: Goldplaited

Getting ready for a big night out got much easier when goldplaited hit the scene. The finishing salon has become a favorite of Chicago bloggers, who flock there for hair and makeup services. We chatted with with Mal and Corinna, the sister’s behind goldplaited, about using social media for marketing, and how bloggers and brands can work together.

What inspired you to open goldplaited?

As avid beauty lovers and hobbyists, we saw an opportunity to make a one stop shop for beautifying (that is way more festive than going to your typical salon for maintenance). As a finshing salon, goldplaited specializes in two things: bombshell blow outs and beauty enhancing makeup, that’s it! Pretty simple but at the same time, a completely new concept in the salon industry. As children of entrepreneurs, we always knew that we would be our own bosses some day, it was just a matter of finding the right project!

What services does goldplaited offer?
  • blowouts (which start with a mini scalp massage and a luxurious hair wash)
  • drystyles ( fun braids, buns and pony’s!)
  • makeup (by a team of professional artists who are trained to enhance your best features, add on’s: airbrush foundation and party lashes)

We recently started working with a semi permanent lash specialist for 3-4 week extensions!
We hold regular classes on topics like how to use a curling iron or achieving a smokey eye at home!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Find a good partner! Pick something you’re passionate about and go at it full force (ignore the naysayers, most people are just scared of change!) Also, in the beginning, try to do something every day (big or small) to move your project forward, momentum is everything!

What female entrepreneurs do you look up to?

Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah, Laurie Greiner, Sara Blakely and the Olsen Twins.

I first heard about goldplaited on Instagram. How can small businesses use social media as advertising?

For us, social media has been huge. In the beginning, maybe we didn’t know how to pitch a national magazine but we could Instagram and Facebook with the best of ’em! We are absolutely married to our brand and we get to be creative everyday with our various social media platforms. Small businesses can easily engage with potential users via Facebook and Instagram and it’s free advertising! Also, don’t underestimate the power of hash tagging, it allows you to connect with an even wider audience!

Goldplaited loves to work with bloggers, how did working with bloggers help to grow your business?

Goldplaited and bloggers are a match made in heaven! Bloggers are the taste makers who are regularly out on the town doing fabulous things, goldplaited is made for women like that! We are so grateful for all opportunities and connections we have made by working with bloggers.

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