Friday Five


Happy Valentines Day loves! I know that we are all a little tried of the snow, but I think that snow is so romantic and cozy. It makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day – and weekend. This is my first Friday Five and I loved reading through everyone’s blogs! Here are five (ok… I cheated and picked six) posts that caught my eye this week:

  • Julie of The Splendid Guide shared a tutorial for making the gorgeous Valentine’s Day card (pictured above) made with golf leaf. I love how simple and chic this card is; it could definitely be used for occasions other than Valentines.
  • Kayla of lovelucygirl has five great date ideas for Valentine’s Day – she is so right about ice skating being so romantic… and in lots of movies.
  • Megan of Stylish and Scatterbrained and  collaborated with Shaheen of Lows and Lux on a fancy shmacy Valentine’s Day outfit post. We all know how cold it has been lately, so I am extremely impressed that these lovely ladies did a fashion shoot out in the cold!
  • Ashlei of Kinks Are The New Pink created patriotic outfits perfect for the Olympics. She has mastered the art of pulling together ensembles that are equally warm and fashionable.
  • Blair of The Fox & She is getting married over the summer and she shared her thoughts on not getting wedding china – and drummed up lots of supports in the comments. Anyone else getting hitched this year? Are you getting china? I think this debate is fascinating. I registered for china, and then removed it from my registry.

Did you notice our pretty new sidebar with our events listing? We hope to see you soon at Langford Market on 2/19, the Oscar Party on 3/2, and DavidsTea on 3/4!

And did you hear that we are going to Go Blog Social in April? WCBC members Kit Graham and Nicole Regan are both speaking, and several WCBC members are attending! Want in on the fun? Join us! Email for flight and accommodation details.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! WCBC would like to thank all of our wonderful members for their love and support!

Kit  |  @thekittchen