Friday Five

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: Chicago is freaking freezing right now and it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. We knew it was coming sooner or later and it has made an undeniable entrance. But, just because the temperatures are below freezing and being stabbed in the neck five times sounds more appealing than stepping outside, it does not, however, give you an excuse to dress like a hobo (unless you’re referring to the much sought-after Olsen “hobo” look- much different.)

1. So, instead of crying from this unfortunate change in mood from Mother Nature, let’s laugh about it. Which brings me to my first feature, The Rose Reserve. Specifically her Instagram post that lets us all know that we deserve a cheat day from looking fabulous in this weather.

2. As a fashion blogger, I love checking out what other Chicago bloggers are wearing to stay warm in these freakish temps. It’s hard to resist the cozy charm of a puffer coat in the morning, so I salute every girl who goes for a cropped fur or a statement jacket that might not keep her the warmest but will secure her chances of being the chicest girl on the Red Line. Maybe that just means we’re dummies for choosing the obvious wrong outerwear but to each it’s own I suppose. I loved Hunter Style’s vintage fur that she’s rocking around Chicago complimented with the always-flattering black fit.

3. Here’s another way to go about dressing for the cold from Chloe’s Cravings. I love the off-duty look of this outfit, like she just threw it on without a thought and looks effortlessly chic. Logo tees or graphic sweatshirts are perfect for this weather because you can layer them with just about anything. This outfit would be the ideal look for brunch. It’s just stylish and put together enough for 11 a.m. on a Sunday. You don’t want to look like you came straight from the clubs.

4. To me, Friday means weekend and weekend means sleeping in, brunching (“drunch” as my clever friends and I call it,) and putting off all responsibilities until the very last moment, AKA, 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. That’s why I am a mega believer in the magic of the crockpot. This is the laziest method of cooking there is and when it turns out absolutely delicious, you wonder why you waste hours of precious time julienning and sautéing and all of those other French cooking words. So when I saw Sassy Eats recipe for a crockpot chicken enchilada soup I had to add it to my recipe book.

5. Back to brunch, my favorite word in the English language. Sunday is the delegated day of the week where brunch is had the most, but some weekends, I get crazy and do what’s known as the double-brunch. My friends and I have a pretty standard brunch schedule that we don’t often stray from, so I love hearing about new places with great food and even better booze. When I read The Vegetarian Tourist’s review on the Winchester in Ukranian Village I knew I had to get there.

Thanks for hanging out and reading my Friday Five! Hopefully you discovered some fun things to do this weekend and what to wear to fight this mind-numbingly cold weather! Check out my blog The Fashion Dailies for fashion inspiration and my OOTDs and my instagram page for my daily musings. XOXO