Friday Five

bow heels
Happy Friday, bloggers! I’m Kristen, the voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, Chic Little Secret. During the week I work as a Human Resources Officer in the U.S. Navy but come Friday, I transform into my blogger alter-ego.  I started CLS as a way to release my creative energy and escape from the male-dominate military that runs my life.  This week I’ve scoured the WCBC webpage for inspiration and discovered many amazing bloggers.  Today’s Friday Five is a list of my favorite posts:
1.  I have a 40 minute train ride to work every morning so I’ve been making frequent trips to the library to ensure I have something interesting to read during my commute.  Sara from Project Soiree made some great recommendations in her Summer reading list and I can’t wait to check them out!
2.  Beach season is right around the corner so it’s time to get healthy!  Lauren of Lake Shore Lady posted the most delicious looking recipe for a beet, avocado, and chickpea salad that I will most definitely be whipping up this weekend.
3.  In an effort to get more involved with the WCBC and meet some like-minded people, I am pushing myself to attend as many events as possible! Colton from Better Worn Black compiled a great list of the upcoming Chicago fashion events taking place this spring/summer.
4.  This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Marija of Sportsanista at a blogger event.  I was instantly smitten with her bold, fashion-forward outfit and how darn nice she is! If you’re addicted to Instagram like me, her lovely account is one that you’ll want to follow!.
5.  I recently discovered the blog Isn’t That Charming and I think Emily and I are kindred spirits.  She recently launched her newest site called Wandeleur ( and it is overflowing with inspiration and prettiness.  I particularly loved the post 16 DIY Bloggers And Their Best Spring Time Projects.  There are more than a few that I will be trying out!
Thanks for following along!! If you’re interesting in reading more about my life, my style habits, and my overly-fluffy cat, Milo, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter.