Friday Five

fall outerwear
Hello WCBC – and Happy Fri-YAY! I’m Dāsha, the brain behind the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog Windy City Wardrobe. If we haven’t had the pleasure of connecting before or if it’s been a while, DM me! I’d love to chat and collaborate. Hopefully, everyone had a great week despite the ups and downs of our confused weather. Mine started off with a pleasant surprise, thanks to Big City Blonde’s Mischaela Advani I was able to obtain a press pass for The Makeup Show Chicago where I received deep makeup discounts and tips from beauty guru’s. Before we head out on our weekend adventures, let’s take a moment to see what other WCBC bloggers are up to!

  • Is anyone else completely addicted to coffee? If you’re with me, check out good sips and tips from Feeding Off The Rail’s Melissa to stay “properly caffeinated” as she put it.
  • As the temperatures take a dive, and the clocks fall back I find myself reflecting more so stumbling upon Paige Mariah’s #Dear15Me post was right on time. She walks us through what she would tell her 15 year old self as a way to share hindsight wisdom to encourage teens to love and accept themselves. We can’t have enough of these kind of uplifting campaigns.You go girl!
  • So many of us wait until it’s New Year’s resolution time and fail miserably at meeting our goals. How about we put an end to this cycle and make a lifestyle change? Molly Tullis of Haute Tempered explains the importance of protein and how eating more of it can actually ramp up our metabolism and lead to weight loss.
  • Because I desire to master the country chic look during the fall and winter months, I’m taking notes from Just Browsing’s Kelly Rae Nelson. She looks fabulous even when she’s working at the family farm.
  • I love being surrounded by beautiful things so Mary Beth of MBZ Interiors Inc. keeps me coming back for tips and design inspiration. She even offers workshops! How cool and modern is she?

Make sure to live a little off line this weekend; I promise it won’t kill you or your blog!
Till We Meet Again,
Dāsha Guyton

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P.S. At least two WCBC members found themselves mentioned and/or favorably reviewed in locally printed newspapers. So, a BIG CONGRATS to The Trendy Sparrow’s Lindzi Shanks and Grand Baby Cake’s Jocelyn Delk Adams!

Image Credit M.G. Guyton