The Power of the Thank You Note

Do you regularly write thank you notes? You should. They not only express appreciation for something, they are the most polite, and classist way to get someone to remember you. Here are some tips for writing and sending thank you notes:

My advice is to buy notecards with your blog logo, or your name, on them. I purchased mine from Vista Print. Having the blog logo on the card helps to reinforce who you are, and can remind the recipient to check out our site. I also think it makes you look more professional.

Thank you notes not only express thanks, they remind the recipient that they met you. Bloggers tend to go to big events, and it can be hard to remember everyone you met. Thank you notes are polite little reminders that you met. Hopefully this reminder can help to forge a connection with the recipient, or score you an invitation to their next event.

Always include your return address on thank you notes. It gives the recipient your mailing address, and the opportunity to send you things. This can work out in your favor if you are thanking a brand for something.

Keep a list of addresses. You may want to send holiday cards at the end of the year, and if you keep a running list going all year long, this task will be much easier. I recommend keeping the list in a Google Doc so it can’t be misplaced.

Buy stamps. I know this seems obvious, but I think everyone is far more likely to actually mail something if they already have stamps.

So when should you send a thank you note? I send them to the hosts of any memorable event that I attend. I also send them when I receive products for free. I send thank you emails to restaurants after particularly memorable meals.

The sad truth is that thank you notes are rarely sent these days. That also means that incorporating the practice of writing thank you notes into your routine will make you stand out – in a good way.

Do you send thank you notes? Leave any advice in the comments.

By: Kit Graham