Friday Five

TGIF Windy City!

For many of you that means some well-deserved relaxation. But for me, TGIF means The Grind Includes Friday. As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, we have the freedom to work from anywhere we please, but also to work as hard as we want. Often times, that includes working late on Fridays.

I’m Brendan of Hustle&Heart. I’ve been building businesses online for over five years and now do most of my writing for H&H and most of my talking on my podcast, Entrepreneurs and Coffee. I believe that I, like other entrepreneur dads, am a wild mix of work ethic and drive (the Hustle), and dedication to living the life that I want with my family (the Heart). You can check me out on Twitter and my favorite place to tell stories Snapchat.

It was super-difficult to pick just five posts from this week, but here’s so great work from WCBC members:

Enjoy those posts and we’ll see you again next week for another awesome Friday Five post!