Friday Five

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Festival season is in FULL swing here in Chicago and one of my faves is this weekend, the Wells Street Art Festival, who is going? I know I sure am (weather permitting, tho. I either melt when I get wet or I multiply…).

Let me introduce myself (now that I’ve dropped some pretty bad “dad jokes” on you all). I’m Lephan, (Lafon, kind of like Napoleon Dynamite’s Lafawnduh, but without the ‘duh’ and more of ‘on’ versus ‘awn’. Sorry, didn’t mean to make that difficult). I’m the voice behind the lifestyle blog Macarons and Lavender a blog that is still in its infancy stage. The blog and I have a lot of growing to do, I need to learn how to a balance a full time desk job in credit investments while putting out consistent content, please share your secrets! I wanted to start this blog because, I was craving a creative outlet… I know it sounds so darn cliché. Believe it or not finance holds little to no opportunity to be creative! Shocking, HA!

I’ve been a member here at WCBC for less than six months and I’m just beyond thrilled to have a chance to use this platform to learn and meet new people! The talent behind the bloggers here has blown me away, some of my faves that I’ve been stage four stalking lately are below!

      • Jenny at Honey and Birch has this recipe for a

    Tequila Sunrise Slushie

      … you read that right, a Slushie, with tequila! Praise “to the old gods and the new” (GoT fans anyone?). This slushie sounds pretty dope and perfect for this weekend, yes?
      • Becca at Whiskey and Gold Blog is also a new blogger on the block. She had me hooked at “whiskey and gold”. Becca got me hooked simply by the name of her blog. (Whiskey? Yes, please! I can always be bribed with a glass of Laphroaig, neat with a splash or water)! Becca rounded up some great places for

    brunching in the city

      . Have you started to notice a trend yet? Good food and drinks is a sure way to my heart!
      • I don’t own a car, nor do I drive in this city, so Melissa over at Feeding off the Rails speaks to my soul by providing public transportation directions to some of the

    best food spots in the city

      ! Now, who wants to go to Imperial Lamian with moi?
      • Lets talk about this new fashion blogger, Bri, she’s the voice behind Woven with Gold. She’s a better blogger than I’ll ever be. Just look how she elegantly poses in

    this dress at the beach

      , like its a high fashion magazine ad. I would be covered in sand and being attacked by jellyfish or something bizzare.
      • Erin of

    Erin’s Inside Job

      • is one of the most inspiring people out there. Her approach to health and fitness was shaped through some personal struggles she has had to overcome. She’s very open and honest about it and it’s incredibly empowering. Also, I’ve been wanting to take her class at



Well, that wraps things up, based on this post, it’s clear that I like my alcohol and my food. So, lets all drink to that and to Friday! Chin Chin!
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