Resource Roundup #5

Today’s blogging resource round-up is about the business, the nature and the struggle of blogging.

Resource Roundup 6 - Windy City Bloggers Collective

The Business of Blogging

Successful businesses have business plans and if you treat your blog as a business, you should too. Check out this guide on how to write a blog business plan.

Start your day right. These 12 habits are making you less productive.

You’re busy. I know you are, because I’m busy. Here are 75 apps that will save you time as a busy (blogging) professional.

The Nature of Blogging

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with comparison and blogging. Every blogger’s success can appear like your failure if you constantly are looking over your shoulder at what Blogger A just did. Here is an article about the “Ugly of Comparison” and some ways to cope with it.

Burnout. We’ve all heard of blogger burnout but truly, the struggle is real. (In fact, I’m still dealing with a post holiday blogger burnout – but that is a resource for another day.) If you feel like you are on the verge, follow this tip.

The Struggle of Blogging

I have heard countless bloggers say they want to see more search engine hits in their site traffic. Want to rank higher on search and get more traffic? Speed up your site – find out how here.

Stuck on what to write? Try one of these 13 types of content.

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By: Jenny Bullistron