Friday Five


Happy Friday WCBC babes! This is Tamara From Broke In The City. Is it just me, or do summer weekends always sneak up on you? Since we only have a handful left, let’s make this one count.

My summer weekends have been all about experiencing new music. My weekend adventures are never complete without a kick ass play-list, and Megan’s playlist on The Bowtifullife doesn’t disappoint!


When you splurge on your budget to attend ALL of the festivals this summer, saving money becomes a priority, but you can only pack sammies for your lunch before your bored out of your mind. Katie over on the blog Dining at My Desk has a bunch of recipes to perk up a packed lunch. I’ll be trying this one in the coming week:



After experiencing two moves in under four months, I wish I would have had Meghan’s tips on finding the perfect Chicago apartment back in May.


The 90’s have def been alive in Chicago this summer. Monika from Effie’s Dress shows us how to do the trend in style. Rock that choker girl!


Sunday is going to be here before you know it. I love to end my weekend with self care and pampering. Carly Gerber highlights her favorite body scrub on Hippie and Heart. It looks like a great way to unwind and get in the mindset for (shhh Monday)


That’s it for me guys! Be sure to keep an eye out on my blog this month for my list of $2 tacos around the city, you won’t want to miss those deals.