Friday Five

Well, well, well, our favorite day of the week has graced us with its presence yet again. Oh, and did I mention it’s Halloween weekend as well? Hey all, I’m Cherish (yes, that’s my real name)-the gem behind AmberConfetti. I started this blog as a creative outlet to discuss all the beautiful mess (confetti) life has to offer. You’ll get a taste of my offbeat wit whilst discussing everything from relationships to natural skin care regiments to my reviews on tv shows/movies.

I pride myself on being an encyclopedia of random facts. You can find me brunching or binging on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever is on my DVR. I joined WCBC about five months ago and it was definitely one of the better decisions I made this summer.

friday five

To Warm Your Soul

I’m not sure if it’s the fact I’m getting older or what, but I’ve been on this cooking/baking from scratch binge so I’m constantly on the lookout for new recipes to try. Nothing says Fall like food that warms you from the inside-out and pumpkin, right? Well Erin of Erin’s Inside Job has a recipe on her blog for Pumpkin Black Bean Soup. My first thought was “Girl, what? Pumpkin in soup? No.” but I gave the recipe a shot and it blessed my soul to no end!

friday five

I Need ALL My Coins

My goal for 2017 is to save a certain amount of money WITHOUT dipping into it.  What better time to start than now. Sounds good in theory but still a concept I can’t wrap my brain around.  Luckily BreAnna of Crafty Coin is here to save the day!  She has quite a few saving hacks that will be of use in the coming months.

friday five

Tight Tights

Fall is definitely in full swing, which means I’m forced to pack away my summer clothes and bring out all my sweaters and scarves. Because of this transition, it is no longer allowed to have your legs out without tights-unless you’re okay with frostbite. I absolutely loathe tights as I think they’re uncomfortable, constraining, and for the most part, hideous. Katy Rose of ModlyChic reminds us all there are really cute tights out there! I will be doing some tight shopping ASAP!

friday five

Happy Skin

I’ve been on this  “only natural ingredients will touch my skin” kick for a couple of years now (which I shared a few DIY skin care concoctions on my blog) and seriously my skin couldn’t be happier. Fall is a great time to experiment with different skin masks especially with all the dryness your skin is bound to suffer through.  Hilary of Embellishmints has the right idea and a recipe for an oatmeal mask that works miracles!

friday five

Playful Prints

Growing up, it was ingrained into my head that you are not to mix and match patterns and colors.  Well ya know what, this Fall I want to become a little more fashionable and have some fun mixing prints. Dasha of Windy City Wardrobe gives some awesome tidbits on how to mix prints as if you live and breathe fashion. I mean she was featured in TeenVogue for her bold fashion so she knows her stuff!

I’d like to thank each of these ladies for playing my muse and keep that creative energy flowing!  Have great weekend everyone and Happy Halloween! K bye.