Friday Five with Rachel of Wayfaring Rachel

Hi Windy City Bloggers!
My name is Rachel, and I’m the blogger behind Wayfaring Rachel. I’m always searching for the best places in Chicago and the rest of the world, plus trying to stay healthy while doing it. Last weekend was pretty glorious for exploring the city, but even if this weekend isn’t 60 and sunny, my goal is to inspire you to make the most of it!
Friday five from rachel of wayfaring rachel
I’m a big believer in trying new things whenever you can – I think it makes every day a little more special, yeah? For this week’s Friday Five, I selected five of our amazing bloggers who can encourage you to ditch your comfort zone, rethink your routine, refresh your wardrobe, and make the most of this weekend:

1. Sweat

I’m guilty of frequenting the same fitness studios over and over or even just working out in my building’s gym. Breaking up your workout routine is one of the best ways to challenge your body and see results, so I’m changing that habit! We are lucky to have so many great studios in Chicago. Erin from Erin’s Inside Job is a personal trainer and has expert tips to help you dive into a new fitness class with confidence.

2. Learn

The digital space changes pretty quickly. It can be hard to keep up with the latest algorithm changes, marketing trends, and oh yeah – actually blogging. If you’re spending some quality time with your laptop this weekend, dive into this great piece on why email pop-ups might not be the best choice for your blog. Maddy Osman (The Blogsmith) breaks it down here.

3. Eat

It wouldn’t be a weekend in Chicago without a little food indulgence. Whether you have guests in town or just want to try out a few of the 2200 pizza spots we have in Chicago (#blessed), a pizza tour could be perfect. Jesi from Pepperminting did the hard, delicious research for you.
friday five with rachel of wayfaring rachel

4. Shop

Spring is almost here! This recent weather has been a tease, and it is definitely putting me in the shopping mood. If you’re staring at your closet and feeling a little uninspired, get back to the basics with these spring wardrobe essentials from Love Zahra.

5. Primp

Speaking of getting ready for spring, how’s your skin looking? Mine takes a beating every winter, but great facials and a solid skincare routine can save the day. Michelle from The Native Stilo shared her routine, and it’s full of affordable products that are perfect for sensitive skin – plus a “3-minute” tip I never knew about!
friday five with rachel from wayfaring rachel
Have an amazing weekend!
– Rachel