Friday Five


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Happy Friday! I’m so excited to finally come out of hibernation this weekend with some slightly warmer weather and sunny skies. This week rounded out the first full week of the year and so it was wonderful to see what some of our members were up to!


  • Emily of Isn’t That Charming showed off her horseshoe good luck charm that will be bringing her a little magic this year

  • Liz of Sequins and Stripes shared some open and honest thoughts on blogging and life that made me feel less alone with the same struggles. Life gets crazy and it’s important to keep your priorities straight!

  • Shaheen of Lows to Luxe’s montage of great statement necklaces at affordable prices will help you find a great addition to your simplest looks

  • Lauren of Lake Shore Lady has you covered for new cocktails to try, especially when you’re cozied up by the fire on a snowy night

  • Anne of A-Squared is headed to Charleston this year and reminded me that I need to start making my own travel plans soon. Where are you headed this year?


Have a wonderful weekend, we’ll see you Monday when we’re LIVE with WCBC!



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