Happy 2015!

So, what do we want to say?

“That we just love everybody!”

Let us set the scene… It is New Year’s eve and Erin and Kit are in Kit’s kittchen. Erin is chowing down on left over stirfry quinoa and Kit is making cupcakes for her party. They’re taking a quick break from working in the office and while Kit works on the desserts, Erin is penning this note to you.

Let us just start with a giant Thank You!

This year has been absolutely amazing and the collective has grown beyond what we imagined one year ago when we, along side Blair, Christine and Lauren, were getting things started. We sought out to create an environment both online and in person where our members could network, learn, share and grow and support each other. And that is exactly what has happened.

Our reputation with PR firms and brands is strong and we owe that to you, our members, who enthusiastically attend and cover events. We continue to get exciting writing opportunities to share with you because you’re awesome and your sites are the perfect platform to introduce these brands to readers.

In 2015 Kit is focused on growing our membership and adding events to the calendar and Erin is working to produce educational content for the site and start a series of blogger workshops. Together we’re finding writing opportunities for you. We’re excited to have you continue to contribute Friday Five posts and love handing over the keys to the Instagram account. We’ve got lots of ideas for new things to try. We love hearing from our members so shoot us a note with any ideas you have to make your collective better.

Thank you again for the incredible year. We’re thrilled to celebrate our first anniversary on January 10th and to carry this year’s momentum into 2015!