How to Create an Invoice for Sponsored Posts

Getting your first sponsored post is an exciting time in your blogging career, but how do you actually get paid? Well, you need to submit an invoice.

Creating one from scratch can be daunting, there’s a lot of information to include. But having a template at your disposal makes things so much easier!

You can create an invoice for sponsored posts yourself in any of the Adobe design programs or just in Word or Google Docs but there are also free templates online (like this one).

Don’t be daunted by all the lines on that invoice – all you really need to do is put the all inclusive fee at the top line with “Sponsored Post for ABC Brand”. Then in the lines below it you can do sub items for what the sponsored posts includes (Tweets, Instagrams, Facebook posts, email/RSS). If you agreed to be reimbursed for expenses include each expense on a new line and send copies of the receipts via email with the invoice (use a scanner or a scanning app).

Taxes and Fees only apply for physical goods sold – so you don’t need to charge any taxes!

In the section under the fee total include any important dates, whether the post will be submitted beforehand for approval or not and your payment terms. Anything from 30-60 days is reasonable.

p.s. Do you have everything on-hand for quick sponsored content responses? Do you know how much to charge for a blog post?