Meet the Blogger: Chicago Petite

Hi! I’m Devinne Stevens, and I run Chicago PetiteI’m passionate about creating posts that help petite ladies feel confident and beautiful.

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start you blog?

I originally began blogging in 2015 as a creative outlet, but I didn’t have much of a focus. At the end of 2017, I realized I wanted to zero in on writing content that helped other petite women like me find inspiration and resources for looking and feeling awesome.

What is your favorite blog post that you have written?

By far, I love this one! I took the photos by myself at home, and my dog Moxie got in on the action! She was so funny while I was trying to pose with some fresh peanut butter cookies, and you can even see her drooling in some of the pictures!

What do you love about blogging?

At the end of the day, it’s all about putting together content that I’m proud of. I used to worry about numbers like my Instagram followers and site visitors, but these days, I’ve put my focus on writing about the things I love and sharing what I’ve learned about dressing my petite figure with other women like me. I have such a passion for it now that once I get an idea in my head for a post, I can’t wait to write it!

What are some brands that you have worked with, or some brands that you would love to work with?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with partners whose clothes I really love. One of them is ThredUp, which is an online thrift shop that sells name-brand clothes. I want to move toward being more sustainable with my clothing choices, and that can be hard for a petite girl because there are almost no sustainable brands that offer petite clothes. ThredUp is a great way for me to reduce my impact as a shopper, plus they have a TON of clothes that fit me!