Posts We Love: March 8, 2018

Being busy bloggers, it is important to take into consideration of our health and a good meal plan. We have been reading a lot of posts lately about good health and foods that are apart of a good diet, so we thought it was appropriate to set the tone for the week on:

Chicago Healthy Eats and Workout Guides:

The Everygirl: Are smoothies really healthy? This post gives advice about how smoothies really aren’t that good for you. Too much sugar and not enough greens can make a simple recipe can lead to a disaster. Click on the link and give it a read to see what you are adding to your delicious drinks. Good health or need help?


Lake Shore Lady: Lauren writes about all things health, food/recipes, fitness, travel and so much more. Last month she had gone in depth about body image, but this past month she had set monthly goals for herself. If you are setting fitness goals of your own, head over to her blog and give this post a read and track your workouts with her!


Erin’s Inside Job: After celebrating #InternationalWomensDay it is only appropriate to recognize this strong, recovering addict, lover of food, and personal trainer. Erin has just recently written about A Healthy Eats Food Guide in Chicago.


A Sweat Life: A Sweat Life believes that fitness can be the catalyst for living your best life. The act of working hard to achieve goals can be a lesson for the rest of your life. In their most recent post, they share a fitness matchmaker that connects with clients and trainers! Read this post if you want to meet your perfect match of a personal trainer!


That is all for now, loves! Thanks for reading, don’t forget to tune in next week about Posts We Love!

xo — Bree