Meet the Member: My Petite Joys

my petite joys

Hello WCBC! My name is Christina John Bluver and I write My Petite Joys. I’m a twenty-something, busy bee born and raised in Chicago. I write most often about travel, home decor, wellness, crafting/DIY adventures, and meaningful events in my life. I believe that life should be as beautiful as possible so that’s what my blog is all about – the little joys because it is in them that we find the most beautiful bits of life.

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start your blog?

By day I work as a research analyst and even though I love my job, I felt this need to be more creative and indulge the right side of my brain. For a while that was my Instagram, I always post photos of small, pretty moments from my day that bring me joy. For months I felt this creative void and then last Spring, the concept of My Petite Joys literally popped into my head when I was lying on the couch after work — I thought why not start a blog that explores a philosophy of living? So, after navigating WordPress and CSS — here I am! My Petite Joys officially launched in June of 2016 and its been a source of creative joy ever since.

What is your favorite blog post that you have written?

Right now there’s a tie between two posts! The first is a post on My Wedding Dress — I had such a specific vision in mind for my wedding dress and worked closely with a seamstress to design my vision from scratch. Sharing the process with everyone was fun! The second is a post I wrote about a weekend camping trip with my husband that just didn’t go as planned (it ended in us waking up in a water filled tent, that’s all I’ll say for now), but we still managed to have some fun.

What do you love about blogging?

I actually really love coming up with ideas for posts. They come very easy for me and because my focus is on the small things in life I find a wide range of topics to explore and write about!

What are some brands that you have worked with, or some brands that you would love to work with?

I’d love to work with brands that promote handcrafted, handmade goods. I’ve started a hobby of bookmaking so any brand in the book or paper arts industry, like Paper Source or Papyrus, would be incredible! Basically, any brand or product that promotes indulging in simple pleasures (like any tea brand out there!) would be a DREAM!

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