RECAP: WCBC and AT&T Present Mastering Photography


The number one request we have received from our members was to host a photography workshop. Last weekend we made good on our promise. We teamed up with AT&T who generously sponsored our first ever photography workshop! We had 30 bloggers and instagrammers who joined us as we tackled photography composition and styling, shooting photos with phones, the basics of using a DSLR, and editing in Lightroom!

WCBC Photo Workshop Recap

We started our day by styling our breakfast! It was the perfect way to practice our styling and composition skills while using our phones to take pictures. LG joined in on the fun and brought some LG G6 phones for us to play around with. (photos by windycityblogco, elamariiebrittlathrece, and alliesfashionalley)


The camera in this phone is seriously amazing. This is an unedited photo – check out the definition.  The phone takes 13 megapixel photos, so they are really clear! Usually I have to edit photos to make them this crisp! One of the most impressive features is that the phone has 2 rear cameras – one if a wider lens that lets you capture more in each image. It’s great for group pictures and landscapes!

WCBC Photo Recap 2

The workshop attendees used the phones to work through an assignment to take photos focusing on different elements of lighting, styling, and composition. Everyone practiced taking photos considering the rule of thirds, negative space, directional light, close ups, angles, messy styling, and clean styling.(photos by heatherstammenalliesfashionalleyamandaboleyn, and nomadluxuries)

Then we moved along to learning about shooting with a DSRL camera. Two incredible local photographers, Regan Baroni and Julie Kennedy who taught sessions on shooting with Nikon and Canon cameras.


We ended the day with a session on Lightroom – our favorite photo editing software. We love this app because it is easy to learn, it has copy and paste features for batch editing, and it syncs to the Lightroom App so you can access all of your photos from your phone!

We owe a huge thank you to AT&T for being our title sponsor for this event. You can learn more about AT&T and the LG G6 phone here.