Life Made Easy with Sam’s Club’s Club Pickup

When Windy City Blogger Collective hosts an event there’s so much to take into account – finding an event space, rounding up members, tickets sales and we can’t forget about promoting the event. Now with all that to think about making sure we have food is another thing to add to the list. This time around, we saved some of our time and energy with the help of Sam’s Club, they made the workload lighter with their Club Pickup service. Seriously, they were a lifesaver. It saved up time and money (a win-win in our books)!


When Kit and I were planning the Phone and DLSR Photography Workshop we knew we wanted them to have a solid 3 hours to really dive into photography basics. We knew with a big group of people up bright and early on a Sunday, we had to make sure they got fed. Because who wants to get those creative juices flowing on an empty stomach? While we were trying to figure out logistics we knew we didn’t want to be scrambling to get all the ingredients for our breakfast bar.


Our lives were made a little easier with the help of Sam’s Club app and their Club Pickup service. Why? Let’s just say we got all our goods from the comfort of our homes. Thanks to the app we were able to look through items, decide what we thought would work, and drop everything into our cart. Then we schedule a pick-up time that was most convenient. Plus, they sent a nice reminder to let us know that our order had been filled. They were even willing to keep it on hold for the next two days!

The app is super easy to maneuver. We enjoyed being able to browse through all the different options and picking out what we thought would work best for our event. When it came time to pick up the food, the process could not have been easier. I simply headed over to the Club Pickup center and the order was there waiting for me. All I had to do was pay, it was that simple!

You can sign up to join Sam’s Club right here – and when you sign up you will receive a $10 gift card!

With all the time we saved on shopping we were able to brainstorm more ways our members could use the food to stylize in their photos!


They had everything we needed and more for the cutest parfait breakfast bar.


Our bloggers were fed and were less stressed all thanks to Sam’s Club Pickup and the Sam’s Club app!


This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club – the opinions express are our own.