The Difference Between and

Wondering what the difference between and is? Let me explain.

WordPress is a website platform that helps you build a website with templates and tools. There are over 75 MILLION sites using WordPress. It’s an amazing platform that lets you build a unique website.

The Difference Between and

There are two types of WordPress sites, and the difference is which servers host the website. sites are hosted on servers owned by WordPress. sites are not hosted on WordPress servers, instead the people who own those websites are paying for a server to host their website.

It is free to host your website on the servers, so it is ideal for bloggers who are just starting out. You can also pay for upgrades to have access a custom domain,  different design templates, and more tools while staying on the WordPress servers. This website is a site with a business upgrade and custom domain.

Choosing Between and

There are pros and cons to using and Pick what is right for you, it is easy to switch between the two options if you change your mind.

My advice is to make the switch to if you want to blog as a career. Use for as long as you can, and then once you have enough readers to make more than enough money to cover web hosting, move to Pros

It is free!
Hosting is provided by WordPress.
You can pay to get a custom domain, access to more themes, and access to plugins.
The Reader feature helps people discover your website. Cons

You can’t have third party ads (like Mediavine and AdThrive).
Less capability to customize your website. Pros

Completely customizable.
Access to thousands of plug ins.
Ability to place high paying third party ads. Cons

You need to pay for hosting.

Why You Need WordPress

WordPress is the best platform for building a blog. Wix, SquareSpace, Blogger, and other platforms are user friendly, but they lack the tools that really help bloggers. With WordPress you get access to SEO tools like Yoast. The other platforms are holding you back.

Let me know what you think – are you on or