Things You Need To Have Ready At A Moment’s Notice

Does anyone else get in the mood to get super organized in the Spring? I have been working to get the files on my computer organized and in the process, came of up a list of things that every blogger needs to have ready at a moment’s notice. I recommend creating a special folder for each of these items on your computer.

  1. A Head Shot. I recommend having 3-5 different options in different formats – square, portrait, horizontal, and full body. I get mine refreshed every 6 months or so. And definitely get new head shots if you make any drastic changes to your look – you don’t want to be sending out a blond head shot if you just went brunette. Title your head shots with your name, the name of your blog, and include if the shot is square, portrait, horizontal, or full body. This keeps you organized, and let’s the sender know the difference between the head shots you sent.
  2. A Bio. Writing a bio can be so difficult, but it is often requested (along with a headshot) when you write an article for another site. I keep a short 2-3 sentence bio, and a longer bio at the ready. Be sure to update your bio periodically to keep it up to date. A bio should cover the basics, the name of the site, where you grew up, where you live know, references to past work, and a few fun facts about yourself.
  3. A Media Kit. This is what you will give brands when they reach out wanting to work with you. You don’t want to be scrambling to put it together. Create one now, and update it every 3-4 months. Wondering what goes in a media kit? This post might help. Another helpful hint – title your Media Kit well. Mine is “Kit Graham – The Kittchen Media Kit” you want someone to be able to download it and know what it is without renaming it. You also don’t want to have a version number in the title.
  4. A Logo. This isn’t requested as often, but it good to have in an easy to find place.
  5. A W9. It’s a basic form that companies need to have completed so that they can pay you. Fill it out once, and save it for future use. You only need to update it if your name or address change. Again, title this file so that people understand what it is.
  6. An Invoice Template. It’s easiest to always use the same invoice template. Make sure it has your full legal name, your PayPal email address, your physical address, and specify if checks should be made out in your name, or the name of your blog. When creating invoices, title them with your name, the name of your site, and the date.
  7. Your EIN. If you have an EIN, make sure you keep the numbers in a place that is easy to remember. Fun fact about EINs, they are free and incredibly easy to get online. You fill out an online application and your EIN is created for you. The IRS does not mail or email you the EIN, make sure you take a screen shot!

Kit Graham is the writer behind The Kittchen, a WCBC founder, and the data privacy expert at Groupon, who is desperately trying to convince her husband that she needs a puppy. 

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